About EBEC Challenge

EBEC Challenge is an international engineering competition organized by the European student organization BEST. It is organized by BEST Prague, a non-profit organization and member of the Student Union at CTU.

Local round will take place 7th November 2017 at the CTU Dejvice campus.

The main goal is developing students of technical universities and introducing them to corporate partners.

Team Design

In Team Design you will have to create a functional device or a construction which performs assigned tasks.

More about Team Design

Case Study

In Case Study you will have to make up an original solution for a practical problem and present the solution.

More about Case Study


During the competition, you can visit the company stands. You can get valuable contacts and you can also find an interesting internship or job offers.

About workshops


The competition has two categories. Which one will you choose?

  • Team Design

    Build. Assemble. Use your knowledge in practice.
    Show your skills. Be creative!
  • Teams of four members
  • Functional device or construction
  • Team work, skill, dexterity
  • Presentation for the jury
  • For all the CTU students
  • Apply
  • Case Study

    Invent. Design. Use the internet.
    Make up an original solution. Present!
  • Teams of four members
  • Solution for a technical problem
  • Team work, originality, presentation skills
  • Presentation for the jury
  • For all the CTU students
  • Apply


Who should take part in the competition?

Participating in the competition is free. A contestant can be any student of any Czech technical university without any requirements for previous education or year of study.

When will the assignment be released?

The assignment will not be shown to any of the participants before the day of the competition. Therefore, everybody has the same conditions for success.

How will the competition look like during the day?

You will arrive with your team in the morning. You will receive all the instructions and the fun can begin! During the competition, you will be served with foods and drinks. You'll also get the invitation for the afterparty.

How about the international rounds?

The winning team will get the opportunity to participate in the regional round EBEC Central with other teams from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Why to apply?

You'll get the opportunity to meet interesting corporate partners, have fun during the team collaboration, improve your presentation skill and win valuable prizes! You will get a free lunch, an EBEC Challenge T-shirt and you can attend an afterparty with free food and drinks.

Why not to apply?

Because you don't want to put your team together and you don't have a spare day. You also build fun devices every day at home with your friends, you give only marvelously awesome presentations and you don't need professional contacts, because you will inherit a goat farm after your grandfather.



Diamond partners
Hlavní partneři

Other activities

During the competition, the workshops of the corporate partners will take place in the entrance of FEE CTU.

There is no registration needed, you can participate just as a passer-by.

Did we convince you?

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